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ProMiller provides extensive Investment Services and Transaction Advisory to growing businesses, private investors and institutional investors in India and beyond. We have ventured in the Infrastructure sector, and Hospitality industry with an expertise of carrying out sound investments and transactions. We offer a range of Investment services to both investors and investees, ensuring mutual benefits and healthy market returns. We work with investors looking for promising businesses to invest in, as per their objective, interest and expertise. Above that, we invest in promising businesses and offer incubation to investees based on their industry. Our Investment services and transaction Advisory Services are designed for both investors in hospitality industry and infrastructure investment in India.


We design a smooth process where negotiations are evidence-based and built on mutual trust. Our methods are strictly data-driven and evolve through a process of extensive market study and financial analysis. We make sure that the investors receive ensured returns out of their investment and investees grow in accordance to their business forecasts. We engage closely, after mutual decision of investors and/or investees, to ensure projected revenue and profits are delivered over the course of engagement. The skeleton of our services includes four basic models along with a scope of individualization based on the interest of investors and/or investees:


1.) Investor Search: We observe niche private and institutional investors for growing businesses, ensuring a growth trajectory for the investee and healthy returns for the investors. We choose to strictly data-driven and leave nothing to intuition or chances for the safety of both investors and investee. More often than not, investors face disappointment when numbers on sheets do not actualize. It is equally disheartening for the businesses or investees. We aspire to eradicate exaggerated numbers and unrealistic expectations from our transactions to allow both the parties to make informed decisions. We also extend incubation and asset management support to the businesses, in order to observe negotiated profits and actualize the growth trajectory. Find hotel investors and other infrastructure investors with us today!

2.) Investment Search: We curate from the expertise of industry veterans and offer evidence-based recommendations of promising projects and businesses to invest in. We ensure that the numbers are on a growth trajectory for a particular business and ensure healthy returns. We often engage in the investment ourselves as a small investor to ensure mutual motivation and a sense of trust. We have plethora of projects and businesses in both Infrastructure and Hospitality sector; and we aim to design a mutually beneficial investor-investee partnership on common interests and objectives. We help you identify and locate a promising object to purchase or invest in. Find hotel investment opportunities and other infrastructure investments with us today!


3.) Transaction Advisory: We offer transaction advisory services for business transactions (mergers, acquisitions or any other investment) deriving from industry expertise and dynamic market study. We help private and institutional investors in evaluating and navigating through business transactions with overall advisory. We not only keep future returns in mind but also focus on fair terms and mutual benefit in the transactions. At every step, we help you make data-driven informed decisions to manage the capital and transaction. We see every transaction as an individual and unique entity, enabling us to be highly flexible and promote individualization while dealing with different transactions.


4.) Asset Management / Profit Management: We offer Asset Management (or profit management) services to investors and investees after the transaction, to ensure negotiated returns are viable. In the other three models that we operate in, we always put forward an offer to engage and invest in the entity to build transparency and shared-risk. We employ a systematic approach to govern and realize the value from the entity over its complete life cycle. Our expertise is driven from years of experience in the Hospitality industry and successful transactions in the Infrastructure sector.


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