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ProMiller are the only Hospitality Consultants in India to intersect young minds with 100+ years of industry expertise. We have redesigned the hospitality and hotel consulting to make it more data-driven as compared to other hospitality industry consultants as well as hospitality & hotel management companies in India. Despite being a 5 star hotel consultants, we provide hotel consultancy services to hotels of various scales. ProMiller started as hotel consultants in Delhi and gradually expanded to be effective hotel consultants in Mumbai - since then, there was no turning back.

Hotel Asset Management is a fast-growing global concept but remains somewhat misunderstood in India. We have the consultants for Hospitality & Hotel industry who come with varied operational and financial expertise of decades. Hotel Asset Management being our flagship service compliments the exhaustive knowledge gained by other services like Hotel Revenue Management, Strategic Advisory and more. As a result of working with multifarious hotels, our team has accumulated expertise to design individualized solutions. ProMiller is one of the few Hospitality Management Consulting Companies in India which also offers Total Hotel Revenue Management, Hotel Digital Marketing, Hotel Website and SEO Services as part of its broader engagement. We have the expertise to handle all the departments in-house which eliminates the need of excessive coordination with external teams and hence eradicates long processing times and miscommunications.




We are the Hospitality & hotel consultants in India who brought the global model of Hotel Asset Management with traditional Hotel Management Consulting Services from metro cities to the ones with developing hotel industry. We are the best Hotel Asset management company where young talent intersects with around 100+ years of industry experience. Our attempt is to tap the full potential of the hotel property and mill profits for all stakeholders by increasing the revenue and decreasing the expense. Our well-connected team maps property requirements with skill, enabling befitting talent acquisition through hotel management job roles. Our team of Hospitality Consultants in India come with versatile experience of managing hotels and resorts of various sizes across the length and breadth of the country.

We are a team of dynamic hotel consultants in India providing a one-stop solution for the hospitality and hotel industry. We offer a wide spectrum of acquired expertise to bring innovative hotel and hospitality consulting to you. Whether you need help with an upcoming property or a new hotel, whether you are a hotel owner looking for operators or an operator looking for a property, we make it happen! ProMiller provides extensive hotel management consultancy services at every stage of property. We are the youngest Hospitality consultants and the most data-driven Hotel consultants in India.



Proven to be exceptional in People Management

across all scales


Concise deliverables;
proven best across the country


Proven record of higher ROI in the industry


Adept professionals from multifarious fields & backgrounds


A dynamic team, mentored by 50+ years experience of Industry veterans


One-stop innovative solutions for all asset-related services

Our Values include Equity, Innovation and Mutual Growth. Through Equity, we want to provide global expertise and opportunities to smaller hotels- Hotels which lack access to sophisticated ideas due to unreasonable fee. Through Innovation, We believe in thinking ‘outside the box’. Never over-relying on conventional methods, hence achieving more for lesser. Through Mutual Growth, We want Hotels to maximize their potential and maintain an incentive-based fee structure to maintain motivation and trust.


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18 Latitude, B Wing, No. 402, S No 28/9

Nr. Kadam Fa, Punawale

Pune - 411033


C005, Poornima Towers, Peddar Road

Mumbai - 400026

+91 9601444430

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