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Confused about how to increase hotel revenue and decrease expenses at your hotel property? Worried about the best practices in the hotel industry? Don't know how to operate with industry standards? Want to increase your hotel's market value?

Let ProMiller help you!

A Hotel Asset Manager employs the best operational as well as management strategies to multiply cash flow and the hotel's market value. We offer extensive hotel asset management services through all the stages of your property. As a hospitality asset management company, we aim to discover the latent potential of the current hotel business module by tweaking the existing structures. We use 'communication' as a tool to keep expectations clear from all parties to resolve conflicts and increase overall profits of the hospitality asset.

Our Hotel Asset Management Service caters as a representation of the owner’s interest while maximizing asset revenue and profits. The concept of Hotel Asset Management or owner representation service can be understood by a triangle where the Hotel Asset Manager works as a bridge between the three stakeholders involved, i.e. Hotel Owner, Hotel Operator and Hotel Asset. In Hospitality Asset Management, generating revenue is as crucial as the upkeep and maintenance of the hostel asset or hospitality asset.

The blanket objective of hotel asset management is to introduce new structures and revamp existing procedures of the hotel (operational and managerial) in order to maximize the revenue, minimize the expenses and hence push the bottom line to its maximum potential, while keeping hospitality asset maintained. Know more about our Hotel Asset Management service by calling our experts now, head to the 'Contact Us' page.

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" The asset manager here is very important in each step to guide every party be it the owner, operator or the hotel staff, as any mistake in any of these steps would lead to direct influence on the ROI, guest satisfaction. It is equally necessary to maximize the cash flows with addition of smart investment and FF&E expenditure cash flow can be increased by decreasing cost, better marketing conditions, reduce risk and smarter CAPEX, all this to be kept in mind in motive to increase ROI and NOI without compromising customer experience and quality of service which is why an asset manager is important as he now only helps the owner but all the 3 parties so to be able bring out the best from each step of the asset cycle looking at a 360 degree angle. "

- A few lines quoted from our recent blog on Asset Management-

Hotel Asset Management: From the lens of a Hotel Management graduate

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  • In short run, our clients have seen far superior revenues and reduced costs which have resulted in improved profits and cashflows

  • In long term, our clients have seen improvement in their gross and net profits which are key drivers of increased valuation of hotel assets

  • Our team comprises of highly skilled individuals in the field of hotel asset management 

  • We are the only brand with majority of our team members being under 35 years. We are experts in the new-age industry practices in the sphere of hotel management

  • We refrain from using old-school and redundant practices as we are led by Asia's youngest Hotel Asset Manager, who started the hotel asset management practice at a young age of 21

  • We leverage on our leading strategic alliances across industries in the field of engineering, audit & accounts, global sales associates, real-estate, finance and manpower- wherever required for our assignments

  • We align hotel owners/investors' interests in the hotel operations strategy

Note: Promiller remains the first and only company to bring Hotel Asset Management to independent hotels across India- big and small- with elements specially customized to suit the dynamic ecosystem of Indian hotels

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