Are you looking for a management operator? Are you a hotel owner with a high potential property? Are big brands asking for unfair terms? Is your hotel not pushing the bottom line as per its potential?

Let ProMiller mill the profits for you!

The Third-party Management vertical at ProMiller Hotel Consultants help hotel owners with the management aspect of the hotel by taking charge of the 360-degree operations. We ensure the deployment of human resources at different operational levels and a "General Manager" to ensure flawless management.  We work like any global brand would do for you, however, we are reasonable with our terms. We understand that your hotel's story needs a strong brand to do its best; hence, Our well-knit network can help you to find a franchisor who loves your property and gives the best brand value to the asset. Our consultants provide assistance in terms of negotiating franchise contracts on your behalf, to help you avoid any problematic situation in the long-term. We provide our services for hotels across India and beyond.

ProMiller Hotel Consultants manage all the six key stages of your Hotel asset on your behalf and also manages an impeccable balance between all three stakeholders:

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ProMiller Hotel consultants perform regular audits to enable longer product life value and ultimately an increased Market value. Our aim is to make the hotel do its optimum revenue and occupancies while keeping quality of asset and operations at the centre; this approach helps the hotel appreciate its market value. That leaves the hotel owner in most ideal situation to plan an exit or continue with the hotel asset.  Know more about the service by calling our experts now (call now) or by clicking below.

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