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ProMiller Hospitality Consultants have an amalgamation of expert hotel consultants in India with Trends & Analysis from all over the region. We help identify the strength and developmental areas of the hotel asset, based on the trends and market study to enable maximum profit. Our team of hotel consultants, engineers, data analysts, hospitality consultants and senior managers from leading hotel chains. Our Hospitality consultants read, evaluate and analyze the market data critically and help us make informed decisions regarding the business. Under our Strategic Advisory head, we provide multiple services catering to your property at any of the stages:


In India, the Hotel industry, in specific, and the Hospitality industry, in general, has seen a steep growth chart in the past decade. Although the pandemic put a temporary pause to this growth when Hotels took a great hit in terms of business. Post pandemic, as the restrictions eased out in India and globally, the Hotels in India are set out on a recovery path. At this point, the importance of Hotel consultants in India has increased to its maximum. The hotels need to bounce back to their regular occupancy and room rates as pre-pandemic times, which sounds as challenging as it actually is. In a time when the whole dynamics of the hotel industry have changed, it is essential to get an expert opinion in order to augment the growth. We encourage the hotel owners, investors and other stakeholders to explore the various range of expert services that we offer under our 'Strategic Advisory'. We are extremely flexible with the terms of engagement and offer customized solutions and arrangement based on the scale of operations and hotel's vision.

Across India, our Strategic Advisory services include but are not limited to Market & Feasibility Studies and Development Strategy, Operator Search and Management Contract Negotiations, Asset & Portfolio Valuations, Business Planning, and Strategic Consulting, Detailed Business Report. Get in touch even if you are unable to quite understand the issue and we would be happy to help. Know more about the service by calling our experts now (call now) or by clicking below.

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