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Hotel Management Consulting | Hospitality Strategic Advisory

Are you fed up with different advises from multiple parties regarding your property? Are Hotel Management reports and blogs confusing you? Don't know where to head at this stage of your property?

Trust the local market expert- ProMiller Hospitality Strategic Advisors!

ProMiller is an amalgamation of expert hotel consultants with Trends & Analysis from all over the region. We help identify the strength and developmental areas of the asset, based on the trends and market study to enable maximum profit. Our team of engineers, data analysts and senior managers from leading hotel chains read, evaluate and analyze the market data critically and help us make informed decisions regarding the business. Under our Strategic Advisory head, we provide multiple services catering to your property at any of the stages:


Development & Planning

Acquisition & Funding

 Management Contracts

Development & Opening

Performance Management

Property Management

Exit Strategy or Relaunch


Across India, ur services include but are not limited to, Hotel Consulting, Operator Search, Franchiser/ Brand Search, Operational Consulting, Hotel performance audits, Real Estate, Transactions, Lessee-Lessor Search, Feasibility Study, Hotel Valuation, Turnkey projects, etc. Get in touch even if you are unable to quite understand the issue and we would be happy to help. Know more about the service by calling our experts now (call now) or by clicking below.

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