Amidst this, countless hotels were forced to shut their operations fully or partially and mitigate the losses. Finally, the opportunity to reopen hotels seems plausible for many as the government and health services organizations are giving a green signal to resume operations. Hotels have been preparing for the same for three months now and are ready to jump in with adaptive strategies to gradually claim their market position. On the other hand, many independent hotels, big and small are still finding it difficult to navigate through the pandemic and its impacts. Through the mentorship program, we were introduced a plethora of challenges that an average independent hotel owner or hotel investor is facing:

How to manage hotel employees amidst the pandemic?

  • Train the hotel staff for the new normal for  post-COVID time

  • Prepare and train to reopen hotels when the lockdown ends

  • Design creative ways to design shifts for hotel employees to ensure maximum efficiency

  • Guidelines for hotel staff and managers to ensure hygiene

  • Guidelines to ensure 'low-contact' and 'no-contact' hotel operations

What changes will the hotels see after the corona lockdown lifts?

  • No revenue management strategies will rely on past years' numbers, start fresh

  • Less contact, more digital

  • Guests will be encouraged to use room service rather than dine-in at restaurants

How can hotel staff and guest safety be ensured when hotels reopen after lockdown?

  • Less contact, more digital interaction among hotel staff and guests

  • Sanitizers should be available at all prime and accessible locations across the hotel

  • Guests will be encouraged to use room service rather than dine-in at restaurants

  • Aarogya Setu App or any other type of certification to form the basis of admission inside the hotel premises.

  • Encourage social distancing norms across the hotel

Reopening Hotels After Lockdown

In the past decade, we have seen the hotels and hospitality industry grow manifolds with hotel room inventory soaring higher with every year. Organizations as well as institutions have entered, expanded and invested in hotel industry owing to the ever-rising growth curve. Today, although, we are facing an unprecedented situation where the growth curve has seen a halt. Since February, the hotels have been working really hard to mitigate the losses and at the same time prepare for the future: a post-COVID world. We have witnessed numerous independent hotels during this difficult time which have reached out to us through our social initiative- Hotel Mentorship Program.

The hotel industry was engulfed in a haze of uncertainty with questions like ' How long will the pandemic last?', 'When will the hotels reopen?', 'How can hotels prepare for a post-COVID world?', 'What should Hotel owners do during the pandemic?', 'How can Hotel investors make the best of the pandemic?', 'What should be the new revenue management strategies?' How will revenue management look like in a post-COVID time?'

How can my hotel cover losses during the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Efficient optimization of hotel expenses without cutting corners

  • Think local and get creative: Design creative ways to use hotel infrastructure and resources to carry out different prospective businesses

  • Optimize hotel employee management to ensure smooth upkeep and future-operations

  • Invest in futuristic strategies and hygiene-centric equipment for the hotel premises

  • Re-design SOPs to ensure proper sanitization, hygiene and safety of hotel staff as well as guests

  • Draw attention to the advantages of direct booking from the brand website

  • Expand your distribution network so as to not depend on any one segment

How to be future-ready or future-relevant in a post-COVID time?

  • This is the right time to make the move to automation.

  • Implement contactless payment methods via phones or scanners

  • Food and beverage ordering through online menus and mobile apps

  • Ensure the expenses are reviewed and balanced to sustain the tough times of COVID-19 pandemic

  • Don’t go too low with room rates- cannibalization is the last thing to do during a pandemic. Operate with empathy

  • Implement virtual check-ins and check-outs for all guests

  • Keep your guests informed about your plans for hotel reopening

  • Review, draft and help the operations team execute the sales and revenue strategy in unprecedented times of COVID-19

How to design hotel reopening strategies to engage with the guests online?

  • Creative and timely communications with guests

  • Keep your guests informed about the reopening plans- even if it is uncertain

  • Deploy a very quick response rate for online queries

  • Check-in with vendors and OTAs to work together

  • A sound and consistent digital marketing plan across all social media platforms

  • Calendar easy DIY (Do It Yourself) activities to keep followers engaged

If you are a hotel which wants to reopen with maximum efficiency in these challenging, reach out to us or register for the Hotel Mentorship Program to receive individualized support for hotel reopening.

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