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Top 5 Hospitality Blogs for Glocal Hoteliers!

Hospitality industry is predominantly a people-based industry and for simple reasons, in India, it makes up a major part of the working population. The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector in India. Although, these facts and figures are bound to take a dip in the wake of these unfortunate events. COVID-19 has posed an unprecedented situation in front of governments across the globe. The fight is to find a balance between people-safety and the economy of a nation. Amidst this chaos, the hospitality industry and hotels have been hit the hardest and the impact is absorbed by hoteliers and hospitality professionals across the globe. In times of social distancing and lockdowns, who would be looking for a hotel stay?

Hoteliers on the other hand have a range of situations to deal with. In addition to the common inconveniences faced by a citizen, hospitality professionals find themselves struggling with a volatile career ahead of them. Recovery plans for a ‘post-Covid’ world are being designed by industry experts with every passing day, as new findings are uncovered. It's not that a hotelier worry ends at lay-offs, pay-cuts and furloughs. Amongst many popular opinions and expertise, stands the probability of reducing and replacing hospitality services to minimize human contact. Suggestions about virtual Check-ins and even virtual escapism are making rounds across the internet. All these developments are bound to make hoteliers worry about the possibilities in future. Hotels are going to hit a rough path before recovery is made, at least partially, and with them the hoteliers.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss

Across the world, healthcare workers, financial service workers and other service workers are working relentlessly in coordination with the government to contain the situation. While majority of the professionals are working from the safety of their homes, it is advisable to engage in personal growth. Social media is filled with people sharing activities that keeps them going in these tough times. While others are engaged in taking online courses for personal and professional development, ProMiller has compiled an exhaustive list of 5 blogs which can help hoteliers stay up to date with the changes in the industry from the safety of their houses.

We have considered a range of relevant metrics to filter the 5 blogs from the sea of useful content available across the internet. We followed an algorithmic model of critical analysis to narrow down the list. We are happy to share the particular metrics that were taken into account while picking the blogs:

Relevance of topics, Range of topics, Brevity of content, Frequency of posts, User Interface and Ease of Navigation

Further, we followed a process of elimination to reach our top 5 blogs. The factors that we did not take in account while choosing the blogs are:

  • SEO Ranking

  • Audience base

  • Overall Popularity

These blogs can be a source of useful information and insights from the industry. It has become even more important to stay up to date with the happenings of the industry and the current situation has made it very difficult to keep a tab on all the information floating across the internet. We have invested time to carry out a thorough analysis to offer a complete source of facts, insights and developments of the Hospitality industry. The information across these five blogs comes from experts of Hospitality industry:

We hope this list finds its way in your weekly digest. For Hoteliers, it will provide a complete and credible source to stay on top of things across the Hospitality industry. For hoteliers stuck at homes in lockdown, wondering what to follow out of the plethora of information available, our list can come handy.

The insights and information available on these blogs are updated regularly and come directly from industry veterans across the globe. We invite comments and suggestions from readers about their thoughts. Reach out to us at or visit

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