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Navigating the Gen Z Challenge with Hotel Property Management Companies: Recruiting & Retaining Talent in the Hotel Industry

According to the assessments of top-tier hotel property management companies, in addition to the economic fluctuations, the hospitality industry has suffered from a talent shortage during the pandemic and is still striving to thrive in the evolving landscape of workforce dynamics. This raises the need to implement new talent management strategies and opportunities - one of which is to recruit and retain Gen Z workers. ‘Gen Z’ or ‘Gen Tech’ is a term given to young people born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s. They enter into jobs with certain aspirations in mind concerning career and work-life balance. Recognized for their tech expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, the involvement of Gen Z workers in the hotel industry has become the base of the future for improved business. Let us examine some successful hiring and retention tactics for the hospitality sector.

Decoding a Career in Hospitality

Let us first understand what a career in the hospitality industry means to Gen Z. The younger generation perceives this as an unstable and risky career option because of the lockdown and instability that occurred during the pandemic. Therefore, the people in the hotel industry need to connect with young talent at an early stage and nurture a passion for hospitality in the young generation. Some top hotel property management companies recommend implementing this through career fairs. These platforms allow face-to-face interactions between working professionals and candidates, allowing the companies to showcase hotel culture and career growth opportunities. Moreover, it increases brand awareness and draws in motivated and qualified candidates who might not have otherwise thought of it as a career possibility. In addition, career fairs and on-campus placements allow the brands to receive real-time feedback from Gen Z prospects, which can help them tailor their recruitment strategies accordingly.

Attracting the Next Generation: Recruiting Gen Z for Hospitality Careers

Engaging Gen Z in the hotel industry can boost the business by bringing in new ideas and a fresh perspective for the company’s growth. However, even after studying hospitality, not every student ends up taking a job in the hotel industry. One of the reasons behind this step, based on the perspective of hotel property management companies, is that the candidates are unsure about their career growth in this particular sector. Showcasing opportunities for growth and development at the time of recruitment can attract ambitious candidates. This could be implemented through mentorship programs and training workshops right at the start. Moreover, recruiting candidates at an early age, i.e. during the final year of college or initial years of graduation, can help the companies mold the young employees as per their values and mission.

Recruiting Gen Z in hospitality industry

Having an inspiring digital presence is another strategy for drawing in young talent. As most hotel property management companies suggest, hotels must have an engaging website and active social media profiles. Gen Z is tech-savvy. They value experience over material possessions. Companies should encourage former employees to share their experiences on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, as referrals are crucial in attracting young candidates. It is important to invest in user-friendly online platforms to streamline the recruitment process. When combined, these elements improve the brand’s reputation in the marketplace and appeal to tech-savvy candidates.

Nurturing Talent: Retention Tactics for Gen Z in the Hospitality Industry

Understanding their preferences is the first step toward retaining Gen Z employees. Providing them with opportunities to interact with the local culture and scheduling frequent meetings for healthy discussions on the positives and negatives of business not only makes them feel valued but also offers them a unique experience, helping them grow in their chosen field. Further, hotel property management companies suggest that adopting sustainable practices enhances the experience a company can offer to its employees and visitors, making it stand out among its competitors. Therefore, to make the journey inspiring, hotels can begin with eco-friendly initiatives, including recycling programs and energy-efficient systems.

Retaining Gen Z in hospitality industry

The hotel industry often experiences fluctuations in demand based on the seasons, and therefore, it is important to provide options such as flexible working hours, compressed workweeks, or remote arrangements to the young employees so that they do not feel overwhelmed during the peak seasons.  In a competitive job market, providing young employees with opportunities for growth and development is important in keeping them on board and promoting a healthy work environment. By offering training programs, hotels demonstrate commitment to helping their employees progress in their professional journey.

Hotel property management companies claim that Gen Z employees have higher retention rates when they feel supported in their professional growth and are happy in their roles.  


In the view of some leading hotel property management companies, the hotels need to highlight their company culture and social responsibility right from the time of recruitment. To guarantee the interested candidates’ professional growth and development, they need to stay in touch with them and respond to their queries from time to time. Implementing these in the hotel industry would attract the young generation, bringing fresh perspectives and contemporary trends to the business world. Moreover, retaining skilled candidates is as important as recruiting them.  Retaining Gen Z in the hospitality industry requires recognizing their needs and giving them opportunities to grow and learn. Young employees bring adaptability and innovative ideas to the workplace, and following these strategies to recruit and retain them will enhance customer experience and drive long-term success in the industry. 


Written by Bhavini J. for ProMiller

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