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Investing in the tourism sector? Look out for these 5 upcoming trends

If you are someone who is interested in investing in the tourism sector in India, this blog is a must-read for you. We have compiled information about upcoming tourism trends which saw an uptrend in 2021 and may see a higher surge in 2022 and onwards. Tourism trends in India are as dynamic as it gets- being a developing country, the per capita income keeps growing and so do the number of people who would contribute to domestic tourism. And with the increase in induced tourism due to the back-to-back lockdowns amid the pandemic, these travelers are soaking themselves in what they are calling ‘Revenge travel’. But the question arises of how have the priorities changed for an average traveler in India? Moreover, what are the tourism trends that the government is trying to promote?

These are a few questions we have tried to answer in this blog. Our intent is to provide a comprehensive list of top 5 tourism trends which may see an upsurge due to both- public demand and governmental efforts.

We have built our list based extensively on the Tourism and Hospitality Report by IBEF, published in September 2021.

The diversity of India is legendary, presenting authors, advertisers and travel agencies with vast opportunities to sell its charms. From the Himalayas to the desert of Rajasthan, to the magnificence of Kerala and the cultural intensity of Varanasi, India has something to offer to everyone. It is not surprising that the travel and tourism industry of India is one of the main foreign exchange earners for the economy of our country.

These days, there have been some recent trends in the tourism industry that are enhancing the already laid out trends in the sector. These new trends are expanding the horizon of the travel industry in India even further and creating newer ways for creation of revenue. This is to some extent simply the development of the sector, however it can only proceed with the help of state and national governments and fortunately India is getting that support from its government bodies. There are various new trends in tourism and travel that are already flourishing in the country and there are some upcoming ones as well. Following are examples of five such trends.

1.) Lighthouse Tourism

The government is planning to support the travel industry in India by leveraging lighthouses in the country as one of the future prospects of tourism in India. As indicated by the reports, the Marine Aids to Navigation Bill, 2021 was presented in the Rajya Sabha. The bill was passed by the Lower House of the Parliament, and it aims to bring heritage lighthouses in the country to the forefront and get world-class facilities at the lighthouses. The bill repels the archaic Lighthouse Act, 1927, which as of now controls the lighthouses in India.

71 lighthouses have been identified in India for improvement and are to be developed into tourist spots. It would boost tourism to a great extent, and furthermore permit travelers to investigate these old-world charms as social and educational hubs too. They will have museums, amphitheaters, open-air theaters, cafeterias, children’s parks, eco-friendly cottages, etc.

As fascinating as it can get, a lighthouse tour could soon be on a travel itinerary in the coming times.

2.) Wellness tourism & Staycation

Since times immemorial, saints and sages in India have been rehearsing age-old practices that emphasize a person's general wellbeing and health. It has now resulted in making India a renowned wellness destination. Wellness tourism in India is booming and prospering at a rapid speed. Indians have never avoided sharing their ancient knowledge to guarantee that people lead a tranquil life. Our wellness systems have a high potential as they were carefully created through hundreds of years of ancient civilizations' cumulative insights. Today, India has arisen as the focal point of Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc. complemented with the nation's spiritual philosophy.

Staycation in India is likewise considered to be an emerging trend where individuals stay at luxurious lodgings to relieve stress and pressure in a serene getaway. Additionally, the trend came to arise naturally in the past 2 years of the coronavirus pandemic because organizations permitted everybody to work from home for extended periods. People were taking a staycation in the hills or by the ocean, working from there and also being at peace, away from home and city crowds.

3.) Cruises

India with its vast and lovely coastline, undisturbed idyllic islands, rich history, and social legacy can be an astounding location for a vacation for cruise tourists. With the Indian economy developing at a consistent speed, the middle class growing in number and progressively possessing disposable incomes which could be spent on relaxation activities, Indians could take on cruise shipping in a big way. The Cruise Shipping Policy of the Ministry of Shipping was supported by the Government of India on 26th June 2008. The aim of the policy is to promote cruise tourism in India and make the country a destination with state-of-the-art infrastructure and other facilities, to draw in the right segment of the foreign tourists to cruise shipping in India and to popularize cruise shipping with Indian tourists. The Ministry of Tourism through its different schemes for Central Financial Assistance for the advancement of tourism infrastructure in the country supports initiatives like infrastructure development of ports, acquisition of ferries, development of river cruise circuits, etc.

The Government of India assessed that India would emerge with market size of 1.2 million cruise visitors by 2030-31. It wants to set up 5 cruise terminals in the nation and increase cruise ships to 1,000. Zen cruises launched its premier cruise line, Jalesh, and started its cruise service in India in April 2019. In November 2019, Chipsan Aviation launched helicopter services from Willingdon Island, Kochi Port.

4.) Camping sites

Camping in India is probably one of the most effective ways to associate with nature. Nothing can beat the vibe of living in tents, spending nights under the cover of stars and enjoying the simple ways of life. Therapeutic and stress-busting camping is an extraordinary experience to get away from the cities and feel blessed in the lap of nature. Promotion of camping sites has been encouraged with sufficient acknowledgment of its adverse effects on the climate. Other than providing one of a kind experience, the responsible conduct of camping can be a major source of financial opportunities in remote areas as well as an instrument of preservation. The Ministry of Tourism has made a policy for the development and promotion of caravan and caravan camping parks.

5.) Adventure

A lot of destinations are opening up in India for adventure tourism. Uttarakhand, Goa, Andaman, and Rishikesh have some of the best adventure hubs in the nation. Adventure tourism in India is one of the most famous segments of the tourism industry now. Owing to India’s enormous geophysical diversity, it has progressed above and beyond over the past few years. Moreover, the Government has recognized the Adventure travel industry as a niche tourism product to draw in tourists with explicit interests. As part of India’s tourism policy, pretty much every state has a set program to distinguish and promote Adventure tourism. In July 2021, Modair, India’s leading adventure travel company started offering exciting sky adventure tourism services for the first time in India with a variety of flight activities including adventure flying, cockpit flying, and skydiving.

Industries are persistently disrupted by recent trends and new innovations and developments, and the tourism industry is no exemption from this. Keeping up with these emerging tourism trends can assist businesses in staying competitive and in taking care of the requirements of the customers as much as it contributes to the overall economy of the country. New destinations, new technologies, and means of transport have caused significant changes in the industry earlier and will keep making these changes. It is safe to say that the future of tourism in India appears to be bright and heading for a great comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Written and compiled by Deepshi Srivastava

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