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As per numerous studies, it is said that almost 60% of the restaurants shut within their first year of operations and another 20% within five years of operations only because of lack of professional knowledge and poor market study. We at ProMiller aim to fill this gap through our seasoned hospitality professionals equipping you with all the necessary tools to fulfil all your restaurant needs to improve the overall profitability of your restaurant business.

Asset Management
ProMiller is the first-ever consulting company to introduce the concept of Restaurant Asset Management that caters to the entire spectrum of the restaurant business. We assist you in every step of the operation and provide you with complete evidence-based support. We look into all the processes and details to create cost-effective strategies in order to achieve the desired revenue growth and profits. As a restaurant consulting firm, we will help you revive your business and receive enhanced ROI under this service.

Restaurant / Bar Set-Up
Any new venture does wonders when it is spearheaded in the right direction with right tools. We help you transform your ideas to build a new concept into a sustainable brand which is in tune with market trends and demands.  Our seasoned team of restaurant consultants and food consultants provide that complete support right from the pre-opening stages of the restaurant. We strive to ensure that your restaurant / Bar is planned and executed to provide maximized results using optimum space & resources.

Feasibility Study
Restaurant Feasibility is a unique data-driven study that provides you a multi-dimensional perspective to your business before you can make a substantial investment. We being pioneer restaurant consultants in India base our predictions on market intel and provide you in-depth research and analysis report. It encompasses a complete snippet of your business thus answering all the questions related to your new venture. The ambit of a typical study includes financial, demographical and conceptual levels of your potential business.

Bar Layout & Planning
Our Bar layout and planning services are your one-stop solution to cater to all your needs to create and run a successful enterprise. Our support remains holistic, ranging from Concept development to hiring & training of your team. Through our experienced professionals, we develop a totally unique concept and provide support at all stages of development to ensure your bar enterprise is one that stands out and is profitable.  

Concept Development & Menu Engineering
With 70 lac different restaurants across India - only in organized sector - how is your restaurant unique? For a new restaurant business, this might be one of the first questions to answer. And we suggest that you begin with Restaurant Concept Development & Menu Engineering. Here, we assist you in conceptualizing a new theme and vibe to the restaurant or revamp the old by developing a brand with new look and feel, taste and texture whilst keeping up in par with the current trends and future growth. We develop menus and balance the high and low food cost items and strategically promote items to help reach your target market.

Kitchen Planning & Layout
Our experienced team will guide you in designing the layout for smooth workflow, efficient usage of equipment’s, utilities, space and personnel. We make sure that Hygiene, Safety and Sanitation regulations are also abided as we plan to provide optimum working conditions for all. An optimized and well-planned kitchen yields multiple benefits in the short as well as long run. We also assist you in vendor tie-ups and give our inputs in selection of equipment’s & CCG best suited for the operation.

Restaurant, Bar & Kitchen Review
Any operation needs a constant check to run successfully - whether the set standards of the restaurant are at par with the pre-decided standards and foodservice design. Our customized review method and root-cause analyses of day-to-day operations provide insights that lead us right to gap identification. Through our robust mechanisms and tools – built over the years –we provide you the best solutions to fill those gaps to strategize for revenue growth and profitability.

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Restaurant Branding & Marketing
A strong brand creates a personality & gives a unique identity to the restaurant. Smart marketing can help you develop a good reputation for the brand & reach the potential customers. Our team of highly experienced foodservice consulting professionals and digital marketers with experience over multiple hospitality verticals will help you capture this space with a complete solution to branding and marketing your restaurant business in the online and offline world.

Restaurant Franchise or Operator Search
Are you looking for an operator to run your restaurant or looking for a franchise? Our team can provide you with just that - finding you the operator that best fits your expectations and provide you with the most profitable solution to your space simultaneously taking care of all the process and procedures involved. We make the process smooth and transparent for an informed decision making.

Restaurant Franchise and Operator Search

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Concept Development and Menu Engineering
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