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ABOUT - ProMiller Business Advisors LLP

Innovative Hospitality Solutions

ProMiller Business Advisors LLP is an idea that popped up during my stint with one of the best Hotel Asset Management companies in India. I envisioned to take the global model of Asset Management to the cities with untapped potential of hospitality assets. ProMiller now has a team of young enthusiasts who work relentlessly to the company's shared vision and united goal- 

"To be the youngest, most creative and ground-breaking hospitality consulting agency in Asia".

Consultants at ProMiller approach each of our clients with a new perspective to develop customized and unique strategies. We believe in challenging the status quo and pushing the bottom line to the fullest. The industry has grown exponentially today and with that, the options to invest in have grown which often leads to confusion. We aim to provide customized support to hotels, whether it is a new hotel, small hotel, independent hotel or franchised- because we believe all hotels are unique and their potential is vast.

-from the Founder & CEO's desk..

Sahil Pandita

Founder & CEO,

ProMiller Business Advisors LLP

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